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Increase your engagement and conversions with interactive embeds

With gumbr, you can efficiently create, maintain, and manage interactive embeds for your web pages and content marketing to increase your CTR, engagement, and conversions.

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Enhance your web pages and content marketing with interactive embeds

Easily build and embed interactive formats onto your web pages and make your content stand out.

Same information. More views, shares, and leads.

More engaging Interactive content allows the viewer to take part in the content you publish.

This makes them feel more involved with your content and your brand. They are then more likely to remember the information and your business.
More shareable Users are more likely to share resources which have given them results or are novel.

As gumbr's formats are unique and also have the users take action, they are more likely to get results applicable to them and hence, share the content with others.
More authority Interactive content is scarce on the internet. This means that business that use it stand out.

By producing content that enables users to take action and interact with, it builds up the user's perception of your brand.
More leads Interactive content requires users to take an active role in engaging with the content.

As users are more engaged, they are more likely to move into the next stage of your marketing funnel.

Explore our formats.

Click the format to learn more . . . more formats like checklists and tap essays coming soon.

Easily reimagine & repurpose your content

Extend the life of your standout content in two easy steps Don't let your amazing content die out so quickly! You've put in so much effort into creating a piece of stand out content. Extend its life by repurposing them and reimagining them in different formats effortlessly.
Reimagine it as tools like checklists or cards Using the information and stories you've already gathered and crafted, format them in interesting and novel ways to give them new life. Allow visitors to experience your content in different ways, making your stories more engaging and your information more actionable as tools.
Curate them into a free online challenge or course. Structure a course of challenge using existing pieces of standout articles / videos / tools you've already created. Give each piece of content new life and provide value to new visitors by providing a structure for them to experience your best work and put them to action.

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Early access offer - over 50% off
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